Chapter 3: Introduction to dplyr

Learn how to manipulate data into a ggplot2 friendly format

1Introduction to dplyr

2A Little Bit about assignment

3Let's look at some data and ways to manipulate it.


5Comparison operators and chaining comparisons

6Quick Quiz about Chaining Comparisons

7The %in% operator

8Removing Missing Values


10You can use mutated variables right away!

11Another Use for `mutate()`

12The difference between `filter()` and `mutate()`

13The Pipe Operator: %>%


15Counting Stuff



18Chester Ismay's Mantra

19Challenge 1: Putting it all together

20Challenge 2: Show your stuff

21Challenge 3: Putting together what we know about ggplot2 and dplyr

22What you learned in this chapter